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About Omega Engineering Solutions

How exciting would it be to have solutions to the energy problems and climate change that the world is facing today? Omega Engineering Solutions works on innovative engineering solutions company to solve complex hurdles that the society and the world experiences. We are synonym to the word “Change”. Omega Engineering Solutions brings you innovative ideas and applications to save the planet from the ever-altering patterns in Energy, Ideas and Applications.

Today the “Climatic Change” has shown the catastrophic effects on the environment, mostly due to electronic wastes and dependency on fuel. We at Omega Engineering Solutions bring you effective ways for the society to sustain and conserve the natural habitat without damaging the environment.

What do we offer

Omega Engineering Solutions (O.E.S) is a young and dynamic company headed by Ms. Shruti Neet who is a qualified engineer and has a vast exposure in the field of machining, designing and ideation. O.E.S offers Renewable Energy Solutions – Solar based applications to generate power for Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

E-waste management is a key area where our experts work in protecting the damage caused to the environment due to the electronic disposable. Today we are more polluted due to the electronic waste as compared to the last decade. The reasons are quite visible – more digital usage in various forms of Electronic Gadgets. We provide meticulous guidance and care to recycle the waste without harming the nature.

Designing and Creation of 3D Printed Prosthetics, parts and more.

We create customized work for companies, hospitals, doctors in ideation and completion of the 3D printed versions of their requirements in medical and engineering fields. From a hip bone placement to the minutest parts – can be created as per your requirements.

Our services to begin with are many and can be customized as per market requirement’s. Connect with us to know more on our services which can help you and your project in a long time ahead.

We have on our board, M/s Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy as our business consultants who bring in vast experience in sales and market development, management and execution of the projects.


"Our vision is to Guide, Educate, Innovate and Implement concepts for a better living for you, me and everyone else around us."

Our Services


1. E-waste Recycling

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, non-working or obsolete, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life. Because technology advances at such a high rate, many electronic devices become “trash” after a few short years of use.

We do proper E-waste Recycling of discarded computers, electronics devices manufactured from varying proportions of glass, metals, and plastics. The process of e-waste recycling and management can vary, depending on the materials being recycled and the technologies needed.

Benefits of E-Waste Recycling :

  • Helps Protect The Environment
  • Helps Conserve Limited Resources
  • Promotes Energy Efficiency

2. Solar Panel Installation

We provide Roof-top Solar Installation services in Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Solar Panel is the perfect solution for electricity generation from sunlight in an efficient and environment-friendly manner.

With the help of photovoltaic (PV) technology, sunlight (Solar radiation)can be converted into electrical energy for the most varied areas of application.

Benefits of Solar Energy :

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Energy independence
  • Solar reduces water pollution
  • Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel
  • Produce clean, renewable energy

3. 3D Printed Prosthetics

3D-printable prosthetics are changing the face of medicine, as engineers and physicians are able to develop prosthetics that are fully customized to the wearer. The prosthetic works through sensors that are placed on the wearer’s muscles.

3D printed prosthetics use materials such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastics. 3D printers are becoming compatible with other materials like lightweight titanium to increase durability and strength.

Benefits of 3D Printed Prosthetics :

  • Improving Physical Independence
  • Improved and More Customized Designs
  • Improving Physical Independence
  • Improved and More Customized Designs
  • Improving Physical Independence

Why Choose Us

Omega Engineering Solutions (O.E.S) offers ideas which are customized for your needs in the area of Renewable Energies, Creative Engineering Concepts and 3D Printed Products. We can create effective means of solving issues related to fuel and energy creating a ecosystem for a better living. Our company is young and dynamic with experienced partners and associates bringing you youthful ideas along with time and tested applications.

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Our Team

Shruti Neet

Shruti Neet is the founder and a young entrepreneur who wants to create visible results to the present day problems with energy, 3D printed solutions and more. She is an award-winning Engineer with a decade of work experience in the area of machining, adaptation and remodeling. Her zest for creation and problem solving is the reason for the evolving idea behind “Omega Engineering Solutions”.

Shree Venkateshwara

Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy are the business consultants on board and the guiding force behind Omega Engineering Solutions. They are the catalyst and partners in bringing their vast experience in business management, sales and market development, communications and networking.


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